How to Use Governance Online Meetings

Governance Online Meetings can take many shapes, but the main factor to successful governance meetings is to ensure that participants can talk to one another in the same way they would when they were in person. This includes sharing screens, using voice and video calling, and providing immediate responses to questions. This means that anyone can be forced to leave a meeting at any moment, should they be disruptive or inappropriate. They should also receive an email with a copy of their record.

It is crucial that the chairperson or presiding officer of the meeting keeps the process on track. The ideal governance meetings have a schedule and strict time frames for each item. This will ensure go to this post about data classification and organizing for better security that statutory governance standards are followed and, if the governance meeting is under review by an outside entity, they’ll likely look for evidence of these standards.

In a perfect world meetings on governance would be held every week. However this isn’t always feasible for all teams. It is recommended to plan the initial couple of meetings close to each other (especially when you are still getting started with Roles) however, you can plan to meet less frequently as your team gets used to working in Roles.

It is also useful to have a few check-in calls between governance meetings to keep the team together and allow those with concerns or questions to get their issues resolved. It’s also an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships among the senior leadership team.